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Albergo Monza
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Antica Trattoria dell'Uva

The hotel is based in a historical building, connected to a very quiet area of the city centre. It faces a beautiful and inviting pedestrian square with the Carrabiolo church. On one side and a convent nearby where the Barnabite priests reside.


It is said that the writer Manzoni had visited this building and it was here that a scene from this famous novel ‘ I Promessi Sposi ‘ was set. This is where Renzo had stayed during his escape from Milan. In fact, the historical documents state that the Antica Trattoria dell’Uva is situated here since the 16th century, it was perhaps a station for horses and a rest point with lodgings for the travellers passing through Monza. The name has ancient origins and the adjacent square is situated close to a vineyard belonging to the Barnabite priests. The only remaining evidence of these vines was up to the 1950s, when the area overlooking the restaurant was shaded by these vines. In the 1960s the Villa family had purchased the building and in 1972, after careful renovation, the Antica Trattoria dell’Uva was inaugurated and presented as it stands today.